Radio One is one of the best stations in the country, even aside from its historical importance in helping the amazing music that’s been coming out of Dunedin for the last few decades, it supports all New Zealand artists and is particularly significant for independent acts. As a band who’ve never had any hopes of enjoying commercial “success” Bnet stations are the only ones who will play not just our music but music that we love, providing a sanctuary for those like us who feel isolated by the homogenized music forced down our throats by record labels and commercial FM radio, and the homogenized culture that results.

There isn’t many stations that play good music, there are even less that actively encourage DJs to play music they like rather than stick to a rigid playlist. The amount of local content on most radio stations is embarrassing and the music from New Zealand that does make it past their censors is inevitably a poor copy of current overseas trends. If we let the precious few stations who help us discover new music, who treat being local as something to be proud of rather than a mark of inferiority, disappear then we are in a very perilous situation.

Radio is still a vital part of how we engage with our culture, it is still the place where most people discover new music and hear about issues that concern them, especially so for students. Please take the time to sign the online petition and submit any ideas you have to help save this institution.